Hosanna Ministries | Sotolongo Family

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Today is National Adoption Day and what better family to spotlight on the blog than the Sotolongo's! We met through our mutual friends, the Vivas family. These folks have such a Christ-like heart, they are an inspiration! My dear friend Monica speaks with such calm and uplifting words of hope, I just love her! They have adopted THREE special needs children from Ukraine and also have 5 bio kiddos! The Lord has placed a beautiful calling over their lives and they have launched Hosanna Ministries! 


Starting Point

Monica: Hosanna Ministries was birthed out of a place of simple obedience. God had brought us through many things in our 9 years of marriage, including 5 beautiful biological children, and 3 severely special needs children adopted internationally. Intermixed in there we had both loved God and served in ministry for a long time. But up on our arrival home from our second adoption in December 2016, we felt God tell us to lay everything down. Our jobs, ministry positions, even relationships. And to just wait on Him for direction! What a difficult and yet beautiful season of maturing and growth that was. In July of  his year, the Lord spoke and Hosanna was birthed. 

Hosanna Ministries seeks to love and teach the church body here ( in the States) who they are in Christ. Many people in the church struggle with what it means to be a son and daughter of God. We want to help teach them, through teaching in churches,leading bible studies, taking people out with us to evangelize, and through many other outlets


Monica: The second part to Hosanna Ministries is going overseas, as the Spirit leads, and partnering with existing local organizations who are fighting injustice, especially to help the orphan. We want to come along side them and work with them to ultimately see injustice bow to the name of Jesus. This will look like many things. For example, we leave to Peru in January to train the workers will work in a newly built orphanage there. We also want to take people and families who long to go internationally and have them come alongside us to be His hands and feet!

We are a large family, and we know that even our family will share the light of Christ in how valuable family and children are to the heart of God!


We are proud sponsors of Hosanna Ministries and are excited for what the Lord is nearing!!! Your prayers are essential! If you would like to support this ministry financially by either a one time offering or monthly sponsorship please visit! All for His kingdom <3 


Rory Elisabeth | Sweet little family

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God knew my heart needed you... 

E l l y , T r a v i s & R o r y  E l i s a b e t h   

Simply the most adorable little family we've yet to meet.

Their love for each other and family is inspiring. The way they love their little Rory to pieces and the sunshine she brings to their life, that you can call the biggest blessing ever given. 

Elly found us on Instagram (follow us!! @loveandcovenant) and knew we were meant to be when she realized our baby girl is Loralai!!! Rory and Loralai (Gilmore girls) met and they liked each other quite a bit! ;) 

Erin & Drew | Woodland Engagement

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"Oh darling, lets be adventurers"

We love a couple whose happy place is the outdoors!

I can imagine the feeling of fullness and contentment there is in adventuring with your love and discovering a world full of beauty and surprises. After much searching I was so glad to have found the most beautiful woodland location to perfectly capture their fun personalities and love for each other! Fun fact: Erin & Drew are the second couple we've photographed that have met through a missions trip (seriously dying to go to one!)! 


" what is life but one grand adventure, you and I get to take together "

Alexx & Craig | Engagement

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When a couple is so in love that you barely have to give them much guidance because their love just radiates through the lens.. Yep, that's Alexx and Craig! They've got a hilarious sense of humor and are building a beautiful life together. We are so excited to be shooting their barn wedding in October! <3

Beyond Existing

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....... the Vivas family. They have surrendered their hearts completely to Jesus. Giving it all up to build a new life in Uganda with their 3 girls, Melany, Ariana and Amaris. They've chosen to no longer live for their desires or their satisfaction but rather for the radical love of Christ. Which ultimately is the only way of living that will truly satisfy the human heart and make us whole....

Why You Should Consider an Unplugged Ceremony

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.... We love photographing candid, raw moments! If guests are focused on the photos they are taking, they are not fully present and may not be showing true, joy filled emotions! .... Capturing guests real emotions, not having to worry about cellphones blocking the isle, it all makes our job so much easier and helps you feel assured that your ceremony photos will be as beautiful as can be! ....