Why You Should Consider an Unplugged Ceremony

Love + Covenant

We all know it, digital photos are more popular than actual printed photos nowadays. Everyone wants to make sure they capture your special day through the eye of their smartphone or tablet. There's absolutely nothing wrong with guests wanting to take photos after the ceremony, after all that is what wedding hashtags are for but when they are stuck to their phones during the entire ceremony, that becomes an issue. Not only are they focused on other things but they can potentially be an impediment on the hired photographer.


 While I am one that loves taking photos from my cellphone, I realize that on a meaningful day like a wedding day, I should be focused on whats going on in front of me rather than on which angle I should position my cellphone camera to get the best shot. Many times I have noticed family and friends miss an entire ceremony because they are taking photos of it! That alone is reason enough for you to consider an unplugged ceremony. Encourage your guests to drop their phones for a few minutes and give all their attention to the beautiful moments that are being held in front of them!

As your wedding photographers, it is our job to document your day and create the most images possible. Capturing guests real emotions, not having to worry about cellphones blocking the isle, it all makes our job so much easier and helps you feel assured that your ceremony photos will be as beautiful as can be!


A few tips for an unplugged wedding: State it on your invites. Make a cute sign for the entrance. Have your officiant remind the guests. Share your online wedding gallery with guests!  


We love photographing candid, raw moments! If guests are focused on the photos they are taking, they are not fully present and may not be showing true, joy filled emotions! What could have been a emotion-filled photo can lose it's quality by a distraction such as a cellphone in the photo.



You are paying your hard-earned money for us to document your special day. The professional's photo can also be unintentionally ruined with cellphone flash in a way that no amount of photoshop can fix. 

Whether you are a bride to be or guest at an upcoming wedding, we hope this blog gives you insight on why you should have an unplugged wedding and be unplugged at wedding! <3